Choose a Skilled Local Artist for Your Tattoo

Hire me as your professional tattoo artist in Levelland, TX

Putting a piece of art on your body is a big decision. You want to know the artist you choose has the talent to make you look incredible. You'll rest easy when you choose Shaw Tattooing because I've been a professional tattoo artist for years and a watercolor artist for a lifetime.

After learning from other local artists in the Levelland, TX area, I decided to take my art from canvas to skin. You can hire me to create unique vintage style art using bold lines and eye-catching watercolor. Once you settle on a look, I'll tattoo your art on your body so you can show it off to the world.

Make an appointment with a professional tattoo artist by calling me today.

Why you'll love Shaw Tattooing

Getting a tattoo is an experience. Make sure you turn to a local artist that will make your journey easy. You'll appreciate working with me because...

  • I only take private appointments so you can feel safe and comfortable from start to finish
  • I keep a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in my studio and won't rush to finish your tattoo
  • I'll work with you to create the exact design you want for your tattoo before grabbing the needle

Find out more when you call me at 806-544-2590.

Folk style tattoo