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Check out my folk style art in Levelland, TX

There's more to tattooing than just putting a needle to skin. When you choose Shaw Tattooing, you'll be partnering with a genuine tattoo artist who creates unique folk style art. I don't just trace other people's artwork - I'll draw new art from scratch based on your idea or design.

My watercolor tattoo style is based on the same watercolor paintings I create. If you want a canvas to mount on your wall, you can purchase my vintage style art or commission a new piece with the design you want. Contact me at 806-544-2590 for more information about my folk style art in Levelland, TX.

Commemorate your tattoo with beautiful art

If you love the design you chose for your tattoo, why not turn it into a formal piece of art? When you hire me to create a unique tattoo design, I'll draw the vintage style art you want in watercolor. Once your tattoo is finished, you can buy the original drawing to display in your home.

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Folk style tattoo